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I've been going to Julia with this month now over two years. Julia is a very nice person that knows her job!!! One thing is you just don't lay on the table and she starts her massage.  Prior to the massage she will sit down and talk to you and find out if there are any problems or areas that are concerns of yours and needs to be worked on. From there she has a starting point and presses on. After the massage she will again sit down and talk to you, ask you questions and give advise that can assist down the road.  Another thing I like is that no two massages have been the same. This is where the questions asked prior to the massage has help.  I've had a sore neck, been stressed out many times, an arm that I could not put over my head for which I have full movement without pain now just to mention a few. She is very consistant and I'm alway relaxed when I depart.  This is the many reasons I continue and will continue to come back!  Give her a try, I don't think you will go wrong.
Doug (Fort Walton Beach)

On my first visit to Julia, I tried the myofascial release as part of my treatment. I must admit, I was skeptical because I was used to the deep tissue massage to release the knots that my computer work creates, and the myofascial release is more of a "laying on hands" method. After the massage I was just as relaxed as with the deep tissue massage, with none of the usual accompanying soreness. Not only that, but the muscle relaxation lingered for a day or two longer than with the deep tissue massage. Julia has a gentle, sympathetic manner and I will continue to use her!
Sharon (Mary Esther)

I came to see Julia with arm and back issues. Julia worked on my issues and I feel so much better. I live in Pensacola, but I will be driving to Fort Walton Beach to Julia for my massage needs.
Sharon Routledge (Pensacola)

I stumbled into Julia by way of a gift certificate from the ABWA in our local area.
Julia immediately came across as warm and knowledgeable. My main reason for using a massage therapist is for relaxation and stress relief. Julia immediately tuned into my problem areas (between the shoulder blades, neck and upper back). What also impressed me on my first visit with her was the fact that she didn't break the "connection" with you by always having at least her fingertips touching you at all times. I highly recommend Julia.
Jennifer (Fort Walton Beach)

"I was experiencing a great deal of discomfort from severe tightness in my upper back and neck; which was limiting my mobility and even affecting the way my jaw would function, when I chewed; which was when I knew I had to try something. Julia was recommend to me by one of my friends; I was desperate for some kind of relief, so I thought what did I have to lose. Julia approached my needs not only with knowledge but also with her skillfully applied techniques, which has all but alleviated my constant pain - now I see her regularly as a maintenance ritual to keep from ever getting that bad again."
Wanda (Niceville)

I have always had a problem with the mobility in my neck and back. I'm one of those old fashion drivers that not only check the mirrors while driving, but if I am changing lanes I look out the side of the car. I was to the point that I could not do this. After a couple of sessions with julia she corrected the problem and my neck and back are more mobile than they have been in a long time. I also have arthritis in my hands and she has relieved some of this pain. I am a reguar for a massage every 2 weeks and I really look forward to that hour. Wish that it could be every week. I highly recommend Julia.
Karen (Fort Walton Beach)