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              ESSENTIAL HEALING MASSAGE Fort Walton Beach
                                             MA56036 MM26425     2011 Finest Massage on the Emerald Coast           
Emerald Coast
Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Niceville and Navarre 
Modern living places a variety of stresses on your body that can result in physical 
pain and discomfort. 
Essential Healing Massage in Fort Walton Beach specializes in achieving natural, healthy relief from pain and discomfort using therapeutic and relaxation massage therapy. Massage can be so beneficial both psychically and mentally.

Pay attention and listen to your body. 
Are you experiencing neck, shoulder, back or hip pain? 

Massage can release connective tissue that pulls on your joints, constricting muscles and limited range of motion. 
I offer relaxation and therapeutic deep tissue massage therapy that will help you manage your pain with out using drugs. 
You don't have to suffer in pain, call now for your appointment 850-865-4219
Must Pre-Book No Same Day appointments or Walk in's.

Hours are Appointment Only Monday through Thursday.
Did you know massage can help lower blood pressure and reduce stress? 

If you are in or near Fort Walton Beach call for an appointment and discover the enjoyment of massage! 
Natural Healing Alternative. 
Massage helps you!
Massage Therapy, Manage Pain, Neck, shoulder, Back and Hip Pain, TMJ, Massage. Using Trigger Point, Deep tissue, Therapeutic, Relaxation and Bio-Mat To Increase Joints Range of Motion And Release Stress
Amethyst and Tourmaline Crystals and far infrared heat. While you lay on this warm healing mat, I will use drum and singing bowl sound therapy to raise your vibrations and clear negative energies from your aura. Afterward I will place a Chakra crystal grid on your body, then you will follow a Chakra cleanse and balance guided meditation. My hands will gently hold your shoulders which, will put you into a deeper state of relaxation. After that I will do a gentle light massage on your shoulders, neck and head. Must Pre-Book your appointment
Call now to schedule your appointment.
This is a Fabulous Chakra Balance Treatment includes the use of the BioMat, this is the first FDA approved medical healing device. Made of